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Join the TOP-RANKED division director who’s able to close cold leads within 1.5hr in the FIRST meeting​


Join the TOP-RANKED division director who’s
able to close cold leads within 1.5hr in the FIRST meeting​

Hi, My Name Is Raymond Tiah,
A Group District Director

From An Ordinary Salesperson To A Consistent Top Producer, A Leading Authority On Asset Progression, & One Of The Leading Trainers For The Largest Real Estate Agency In Singapore With More Than 10,000 Agents

About Me

Before I went into real estate, I was part of a corporate sales team the moment I joined the working world. Back then, most of my salary is used to help my parents pay for their home loan and my father’s medical bills. Every day was a struggle to balance my finances and I was nowhere close to achieving my financial goals. 

It was soon apparent I realized that my passion lay elsewhere, career-wise. You see, since young, I was always fascinated by beautifully designed homes and the many different styles that they came in. Not long after, I was finally able to muster up my courage and decided to take the leap into the real estate industry. 

However, my journey to the top was not as easy as you might think…

Prior to joining PropNex, I was an average salesperson – making only one or two sales per month for 4 years in my previous agency. Although the sales results may have seemed small to other agents, I was very satisfied at being able to earn much more than in my previous job. 

It wasn’t until I attended a Bootcamp by PropNex, that I was able to learn how to connect with cold leads and increase my sales by over 2X in just 1 year after switching to PropNex! Since then, I’ve been a consistent PropNex Platinum Achiever, making over $2M+ in transactions for the last 3 years, and now leading one of the Fastest Growing Young Team in PropNex.

Becoming A Top Producer

Why Am I Telling You This?

The truth is – when I first joined the real estate industry, I tried everything my previous sales leader taught me:

Going door to door searching for prospects, passing out flyers, and spending hours calling strangers on the phone…

They told me it was a NUMBERS GAME – and the more people I talked to, the more chances I had to close. 

But at the end of the day, I was left with a ton of stress, confusion and not enough to pay the bills.  I started to have this negative mindset that becoming a top producer was out of my reach and that these people were using some kind of ‘secret’ tools and techniques that an average salesperson like me could not achieve.  

After immersing in the open-sharing culture of PropNex for almost a year, I finally had the opportunity to meet with those same top performers and was able to ask them what they were doing differently compared to other agents.

To my surprise, they didn’t work harder or have to make countless cold calls, and yet they were earning much more than I was.

I discovered that in order to become a top producer in this competitive industry— I just needed to overcome the two REAL barriers to my success.

Barriers to Success



In real estate, you need to understand that not all leads that you make will be warm like your friends or family. As a salesperson in this day and age, you need to learn how to connect with cold leads especially if you’re using online platforms such as Facebook ads to generate leads.

Over the years, I’ve realized that the best way to connect with cold leads is to learn these two soft skills; people skills & communication skills. And because of these two skills, I’ve been able to close every cold lead that I’ve met within 1.5 hours in our first meeting.



As you know, selling a house isn’t the same as selling shoes. When clients choose to hire you as their real estate agent, they don’t just rely on you for your ability to buy or sell a house – they need you to support and educate them throughout the entire process.

This is why, when I started looking for my niche, I was first drawn to the concept of ‘Asset Progression’ rather than just a buy/sell type of agent. By attending tons of training and exchanging knowledge with the Top Producers in this niche, I was able to become a leading authority on the subject and helped several members in RTD in becoming one themselves in a short period of time.

By identifying and improving these two skill sets, I was able to come up with my Signature LEAP training and

3.5X my sales revenue in just 1 year!

Signature LEAP Training

Behind this multiple award-winning team is an exclusive training program that teaches them the mindset and soft skills needed to build sincerity and trust. 

To ensure that all my team members have the skills and tools they need to achieve their desired sales, I regularly conduct training workshops and sharing sessions aimed at not just keeping the team up to date, but also equipped with strong relationship building skills. 

Through the LEAP Training program, many members have seen their sales numbers soar 2x to over 3x their previous year’s results. Take a look at some of their results below…

Our Results


If you are a motivated agent who wants to improve on your results, let’s have a chat.

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