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130 Awesome Sobriety Tattoos Ideas

Your recovery from alcohol is a very personal process, and in several cases, your tattoo is as well. There are a few tattoo ideas that are universal, however, for recovering alcoholics.

While it is most common to get the whole serenity prayer inked on one’s body, some people may choose to highlight a few keywords to make it more personal or less of a larger piece. Of course, there are some downfalls with getting a sobriety tattoo that an individual may want to keep in mind. For starters, many people may choose to get the exact time and date they began their sobriety permanently inked on their body. There is still another category of sobriety tattoos that people get, that have nothing to do with sobriety, but everything to do with early sobriety, and they are cheap, not thought out tattoos. If you go into just about any sober living house in the country, you will hear someone talking about the sleeve they are going to get. For those of you who don’t know, a sleeve is a basically a tattoo that covers your entire arm or leg.

What Do The Three Sides Of The Aa Triangle Mean?

Remember that sobriety is an ongoing process and that there are no right or wrong sobriety tattoos. No matter what type of sober tattoo you choose, remember that it is a symbol of your journey and not just a physical representation of your addiction. Like the idea of celebrating your achievements, but don’t necessarily want the world to know about it? Commemorating your victory over alcoholism with a tattoo can help to serve as a reminder of the battle you are fighting and winning. This concerns professionals in recovery because a tattoo can serve as a permanent reminder of a relapse and might hinder recovery. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons carefully before getting that recovery tattoo. Whether you choose to get the ink or not, remember your courageous decision, and you will be victorious.

sobriety tattoos

To a “normie,” these tattoos may appear inspirational yet they don’t know the deeper meaning behind them. To those of us in recovery, seeing someone with one of these tattoos is a sure-fire giveaway that the person is also in the program; ‘one of us’ if you will. While tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, some have a deep meaning behind them beyond just the style. Sobriety tattoos signify an important moment in an individual’s life and can be powerful symbols.

Edward lives and works in South Florida and has been a part of its recovery community for many years. In English Literature from the University of Massachusetts, he works to help Find Addiction Rehabs as both a writer and marketer. Edward loves to share his passion for the field through writing about addiction topics, effective treatment for addiction, and behavioral health as a whole. Alongside personal experience, Edward has deep connections to the mental health treatment industry, having worked as a medical office manager for a psychiatric consortium for many years.

Recovery Isnt A Sprint: Its A Marathon

Reflective of his onboarding efforts, Snuffy opened a submission form back in the fall to allow his past clients the opportunity to reach out and redeem their tattoos as NFTs via the Snuffy 500. And with the redemption period closed, minting will open on Jan. 9 only to those who own an IRL Snuffy tattoo and that contacted him before the claim period ended in late 2021. “Every flower must grow through dirt.” This fine-line cursive script is a gentle reminder that even the most beautiful things in nature struggle before they bloom and flourish. Since completing treatment, Demi Lovato has slowly been easing back into social media and sharing posts every once in a while in order to keep fans updated. Along with posting a photo of her sobriety chip to her Instagram Story, the singer also shared a photo of a slice of cake along with a note her team had sent to congratulate her. Not only did Demi Lovato celebrate six-months of sobriety with a tattoo, but she also celebrated with a delicious Funfetti cake that is fitting for any occasion. Since Demi Lovato was celebrating being six-months sober this past weekend, a rose was the perfect symbol to commemorate such a great achievement.

sobriety tattoos

Furthermore, recovery tattoos may also open people up to unwelcome questions and conversations about their experience with addiction. While not obligated to share their personal information, constantly being subject to the curiosity or judgment of others can be difficult.

In fact, if you check out the hashtag #mentalhealthtattoo on Instagram, you’ll find lots of different mental health tattoos. Do I want affirmation more than I want to be of help or service? If I can discuss my ED recovery tattoos through a lens that offers genuine hope or benefit sobriety tattoos to someone else, then I will consider sharing. But if the real underlying objective is to extract affirmation or empathy from the other person, this indicates that my reason for sharing is primarily self-centered. An ulterior motive is always a sign that I should think twice.

Of course, while perhaps typically representative of a different path of addiction recovery, these sobriety tattoos can be used by any recovering addict. Paulino says sometimes the therapy of tattoos isn’t exactly the design itself but the act of taking of your pain and turning it into something beautiful. “This tattoo I created on a day that was very difficult for me as I had just learned that someone very dear to me had passed away,” she says.

Time Heals: One Day At A Time

Sobriety tattoos have been popular ever since people started putting ink to their skin and ever since people started getting sober. They come in a number of different shapes, sizes and types, but probably one of the most popular ones is the sobriety date tattoo. In AA, the equilateral triangle represents the three part answer – Unity, Recovery, and Service – to a three part disease – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual, while the circle represents AA as a whole. … The circle symbolizes serenity and perfection, and the source of unlimited potential. “These tiny tattoos are really popular,” explains Joanna Roman, one of Canada’s most sought-after tattoo artists. Beyond the surface, a tattoo can be an outlet to aid in someone’s recovery via daily visual reminders and help them become an advocate to promote mental health awareness.

It’s a powerful way to remind yourself of your strength and resilience, and that you can overcome whatever difficulties life throws at you. Choosing to overcome addiction marks an important moment in a person’s life.

The Sobriety Circle & Triangle Symbol, is the symbol used by Alcoholics Anonymous. The equilateral triangle represents the three part answer – unity, recovery and service – to a three part disease – physical, mental and spiritual, while the circle represents wholeness or oneness. Depression tattoos are extremely personal, and many people prefer to design their own. However, if you want some tattoo ideas for mental health, I have found many inspiring ones on Instagram and Pinterest. There are many different types of sobriety tattoos available, so it is important to choose one that accurately reflects your personal style. Finally, make sure the design is appropriate for where you will be getting it placed.

Check out these sobriety tattoos ideas below submitted by our readers and the sobriety community. It may also be beneficial to try and find an artist that has previous experience working with pieces dedicated to addiction recovery and sobriety.

When people get clean and begin to work a recovery program, they get to know their Higher Power and build a relationship. Sometimes, recovering alcoholics and addicts turn to religion, especially the one they were raised in, when they want to feel closer to their Higher Power.

Recovering Alcoholic Tattoos

Progressive tattoos can help people keep track of their progress towards achieving their ultimate goal of permanent sobriety. This prayer is meant to help remind individuals of their strengths and weaknesses when recovering from addiction, and to keep their faith in the process. Thus, these tattoos can be placed in a more discrete area, making them less subject to judgment of others. Of course, those who are less worried about other peoples’ opinions can make this a more visible piece. I find that exploring a new hobby or learning a new skill is a great way to express myself. This is my journey, a part of my life I wish to share with you. In Catholic tradition, a Rosary is a sacred string of prayer beads that the faithful hold while reciting sets of prayers to receive grace, good fortune, and blessings.

  • Many people that choose to get one feel that the tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of the commitment to a stable, sober lifestyle.
  • Having kept a paper copy of every tattoo he’s ever done, the New York-based artist has now invited the owners of these first 555 tattoos to collect their pieces on the blockchain.
  • A person will receive a gold chip for sixty days of sobriety .
  • Similar to marking the exact date and time a person first became substance-free, these recovery tattoos can serve as an interactive way in which one can continue to take account of their sobriety.
  • They may or may not have a job and if they do, it probably pays minimum wage, affording them their rent and some food, so any tattoo they get is going to have to be on a budget.

Choosing to mark the important decision of becoming sober on one’s body may be a good idea for several reasons. For starters, it can be helpful in reminding recovering individuals to keep moving in the right direction, away from their past addictive behaviors. I think that we can all agree on the fact that tattoos usually look pretty cool. They give you an edge, when you may not have one in other regards, and for some people, they can become a way of life, using their body as a canvas to spell out their identity. But as with most things in life, tattoos come with both their pros and their cons and it is not always a good idea to get one. The camel is a symbol for sobriety because a camel can go 24 hours without a drink. Perhaps you remember the small stick pins with the number 24 on them which were quite popular in A.A.

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… This is a great metaphor for the strong foundation necessary to remain sober. And when it comes to innovative, multidisciplinary NFT projects, luminary tattoo artist Snuffy has set himself apart from the pack yet again with his latest endeavor, the Snuffy 500. This soft, feminine script acknowledges https://ecosoberhouse.com/ both what has been — moments of pain and struggle — and what is yet to come. It’s a reminder to honor life’s entire journey by choosing to look ahead and refusing to stay stuck. “Tattoos traditionally have been used to grieve or let go of something, or overcoming a struggle,” says Roman.

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  • Before getting this new ink, Demi Lovato already had a rose tattooed on her forearm but had only gotten it to cover-up from a small kiss imprint she had impulsively done when she was a teenager.
  • Ultimately, the reason someone gets soberly tattooed is up to them.

While sobriety tattoos are incredibly personal, it may be helpful to seek outside opinions on your ideas. Of course, you do not have to solely base what sobriety tattoo you get on what other people like. However, an external influence can certainly help you narrow down your options, or even open up new ones you may not have previously considered. One design that is extremely popular amongst recovering drug addicts is the phoenix, as it represents rising from the ashes of hardship and starting anew. This symbol is fitting for those looking to get a bigger piece that represents their re-birth from the pits of addiction. Similar to marking the exact date and time a person first became substance-free, these recovery tattoos can serve as an interactive way in which one can continue to take account of their sobriety.

Many people that choose to get one feel that the tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of the commitment to a stable, sober lifestyle. Additionally, looking at the chosen wording or symbol can help them get through moments of weakness or reach out to a sponsor. If you want to document the exact time you made the choice to fight your addiction, a clock with a date can be a great reminder of when you made your courageous decision. This tattoo can take many shapes and sizes, but since a clock with a time and date is fairly discreet, you can choose to make this a larger tattoo. This will allow you to get fairly decorative with the artistic elements in your recovery piece and still have a great reminder of your choice for a different path. The bicep, forearm, and even the calf can work well for clock pieces.

Choose Yourself

They can inspire you to overcome whatever personal battles you may be struggling with. Many people will rock a sobriety tattoo that incorporates the AA symbol or NA symbol, a cross, or praying hands with a rosary among other symbols. These are some of the more popular ones that people choose to get in recovery.

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In doing so, he also hopes to onboard his friends, clients and followers into the NFT space. Having kept a paper copy of every tattoo he’s ever done, the New York-based artist has now invited the owners of these first 555 tattoos to collect their pieces on the blockchain. Some people pair the word “Hope” with a semicolon to represent depression recovery.

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