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Just-in-Time Inventory JIT Explained: A Guide

just in time inventory

Lean manufacturing refers to the process of eliminating waste in the production process by identifying what adds value and what doesn’t add value. The goal of implementing JIT inventory management is to boost a company’s operating profit by reducing overhead expenses. JIT inventory and manufacturing share the same basic principles – produce or receive the product only at the time it is needed. They are essentially two different points in the supply chain but can operate independently or at the same time. Over the past several decades, companies large and small have adopted a Just In Time Inventory strategy to reduce costs and eliminate waste. Staying flexible may mean having extra process engineering resources available to solve problems as they arise.

just in time inventory

In the long run, the factory will want only one supplier for each purchased part. This long-term supplier must always deliver a quality product, on time, in small batches. In return, the factory will give the supplier a long-term purchase forecast with a guarantee to buy at a percentage of it. As companies implement JIT in this way, suppliers will find a predictable demand for their https://www.bookstime.com/ products as a result of the smooth final assembly schedule. Ultimately, they will also enjoy a consistent long-term demand. The prospect of being able to plan their operations will influence them to sign up as JIT suppliers. In 1997 a fire that took place at a brake parts plant owned by the company Aisin destroyed its capacity to produce a P-valve part for Toyota vehicles.

Techniques Involved in JIT Inventory Methodology

Also, this method reduces costs by minimizing warehouse needs. Companies also spend less money on raw materials because they buy just enough resources to make the ordered products and no more.

For starters, keeping less inventory on hand gives you more freedom when it comes to your cash flow. Instead of spending all your revenue from the past month on a massive replenishment order, you can allocate a small portion of your earnings for inventory. That leaves you free to use that money on other business costs. While JIT is a good choice for many businesses, it’s just in time inventory not right for all of them. If you’re interested in using JIT to improve the way you operate, JIT inventory management software is worth considering. It can automate your processes and make it easier to take advantage of this strategy. While there are many JIT software options on the market, some of the best include Netsuite ERP, ShipBob, Zoho Inventory and Sortly.

Understanding Just In Time Inventory

Use SafetyCulture , one of the best apps for inventory management, to manage your stocks more efficiently than with the traditional way of paper-based inventories. We are used to seeing boxes piling up in warehouses or in storage rooms of businesses. This is one way business owners make sure that they’ll be able to meet the demands of their customers. They keep supplies in their inventories even if they do not know what will be the demand for it. Some companies can have too much inventory, while others do not have enough. If a shop owner needs something at the eleventh hour, they don’t have the luxury to price shop or wait for prices to drop, and they don’t have much leverage to negotiate.

What are some alternatives to JIT inventory?

Contrary to JIT’s methodology of keeping inventory to a bare minimum, just-in-case (JIC) inventory prioritizes being prepared to fulfill any request at any time, with a very short fulfillment timeframe. Companies that offer services such as next-day shipping are likely using JIC practices. Other alternatives include just-in-sequence (JIS), which is common in assembly lines or other fabrication jobs.

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