Raymond Tiah Division

A very easy job except that the

A very easy job except that the border can be backlogged from time to time. The management was so bad they literally drove all of their best employees out of that place. Easy tasks, non-complicated daily goals, good work environment, great hours, friendly co-workers, and management.

  • My co-workers were also very stressed at most times, this is why this company has a very difficult time keeping staff.
  • When it was time to make the delivery, the service personnel were very professional and courteous.
  • I learned many facets of the trucking industry and it definitely was a great learning experience for me dealing with the drivers which could be a challenge on any day.
  • They do tend to show some favoritism.
  • Happy people, However the pay was not enough to keep me.

Frustrating waiting for your load to arrive at terminal https://ussexpressdeliveryllcreviews.quora.com/What-to-know-about-working-from-home-jobs-packing?ch=1&oid=54191596&share=5be94828&target_type=post sometimes. Easy job if everything is running smoothly.


I pulled stock for orders as well as packing product and putting shipping container lables on boxes. I love this job but due to budget.I was let go .I have no complaints about this job.

world logistics company reviews

Ask a question about working or interviewing at World Wide Logistics Inc. In conclusion, the only good thing about this company is the free food http://www.logisticsinc.com/ and the general industry knowledge you will learn out of school. I would only ever join this company as a last resort coming out of school.

Clipper Logistics

You have to use common sense and be able to multi-task and all the time be able to think quickly. Have learned about getting freight into the US from Canada under the new laws regulating the transportation industry.

You can always come in on off days or stay late to make up hours. However there’s no benefits or overtime. I am getting sick often due to the conditions of working in a uss express reviews warehouse. The communication and support I received made the process much easier on me personally. I highly recommend this company for any shipment and logistic needs.

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