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Soman Chainani is the #1 New York Times’ bestselling author of The School for Good and Evil series, which has sold more than three million copies, been translated into 30 languages across six continents, and was developed into… Work alongside our social and design team to manage and create social media campaigns. Active interest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

  • No backstories or promotions, just solid business lessons from the best in the game.
  • Naresh Vissa talks about these things and more with Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel.
  • Especially if you’re newer to working remotely, this podcast dives into some key elements of remote work.
  • She now works to empower other mothers to define their own path to success.
  • Remote work is discussed a lot, but there is a definite focus on entrepreneurship.

Why Doing Less Is The Best Way to Do More (32 min.) is an episode that’s especially worth a listen. Peter Fritz is a blogger, Web designer, and marketing who’s spent two decades working from home, plus dozens of unconventional places, depending on project and mood. Today, he shares ideas https://remotemode.net/ on the life-changing benefits of working remotely- whether from home, a cafe or a lakeside park. The simple act of working on your terms changes everything. It gives you the freedom to spend more time with those you care about, to pursue other interests, and to live with purpose.

To Reevaluate Your Entire Life: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

I don’t know about you, but for me too much information leads to paralysis, a.k.a. throwing up my hands and succumbing to the temptation of my Facebook feed. Tulsa Remote is a project funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which promotes equality and inclusivity in Tulsa, a city of about 400,000 people. In the years just before the pandemic, the state of Oklahoma had its worst population outflow in years, as college graduates kept moving away.

  • You can listen to them and learn something new throughout the day, while you do other activities around the house.
  • Oprah invites guests who have something evocative to share about mindfulness, gratitude, and cultivating an appreciation for life.
  • Listen and research will come to life in a way that will make you see your own life differently.
  • The pandemic might have locked us away in our homes for nearly 2 years, but the power of relationships never waned.
  • Now, you probably have already found some small ways here and there to become more efficient in your home workspace.

Yes, I Work From Home is a community where people share stories about their work-from-home journey. April Malone is the host and interviews a wide variety of people who work from home in different capacities. Guests include entrepreneurs, freelancers, teleworking employees, and those managing a home-based business or remote team. April and her guests discuss how they started working from a home office, some of the challenges they’ve faced, benefits, and tips and tricks that might help others. Interview guests will talk about why and how they work from home, what they do, who they help, and how they balance work with household responsibilities. They’ll also talk about how they manage staying connected with colleagues, clients, and work to maintain healthy habits and a social life.

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Work From Home Podcasts

Tulsa Remote wanted to reverse this brain drain — although you didn’t have to be from Tulsa to take advantage; you just had to prove you lived outside the state of Oklahoma. There’s one really important thing to note about this program.

The Kevin David Experience is an Award-Winning Podcast where Kevin David Interviews Entrepreneurs, Online Digital Marketers, Start-Up Founders, Business People, and Leaders. Teaching you the Best Ways to Make Money Online, Work From Home and Achieve Financial Freedom. Featuring Guests From top shows, tune in and catch up on the latest episodes. All I can say is that it helps keep my stress levels and in check and it helps me to focus on the day ahead. Sure, meditation isn’t for everyone and these episodes might not be your cup of tea. Remote work is discussed a lot, but there is a definite focus on entrepreneurship. So, it’s great for people who are doing remote work as well as people who are doing side hustles, freelancing, and other gigs.

Ask Doist: How Do I Stay Motivated On A Project That Never Seems To End?

Produce complete and accurate research to back up any statement or strategy we share in our content. Help build training scripts, slide decks, and other assets.

Work From Home Podcasts

COVID pandemic has suddenly changed the way our daily lives go. Now, you probably have already found some small ways here and there to become more efficient in your home workspace. However, if you’re still struggling, or you just want to get that much better, you’re not alone. Remotely Effective is a fairly quick show, and one that lays out all of the pros and cons of working outside of an office, and how to make the experience the most efficient.

Screw The Commute Podcast

Sure, it comes with plenty of perks, like no more commute, the ability to work in sweatpants, and to be a little more flexible with personal time. A Gallup poll last fall found that 45% of full-time U.S. employees were still working from home at least some of their hours. Because of this, companies are increasingly using technology to monitor the activities of their workers while they’re on the clock, wherever they are. Adjusting to home office and taking care of our new born has meant re-evaluating how I schedule my time and stay productive. David is a best-selling author and the man who created the time-management method known as “Getting Things Done” . You can listen to them and learn something new throughout the day, while you do other activities around the house.

Her new podcast was designed to address the fact that many people are working from home for the first time in the new era of social distancing, and to provide guidance around this new reality. It’s easier than ever, too, to get burned out while working from home. It’s important to take breaks, get some physical exercise going throughout the day, but it’s also important to take stock at various moments. Happier with Gretchen Rubin provides “practical, manageable” advice on how to keep up good habits and manifest more happiness in your life. Daily insights from a self-employed, work at home dad, blending together parenting, business, and life along with all of the organization and life hacking it takes to make it work. With three kids and several businesses, life has its celebratory highs and its soul-crushing lows. In this show, it’s all fair game, no sugar coating it, as he tries to keep the show as real as possible talking about life as it really happens – highlighting the bad and the good.

Work From Home Podcasts

I asked him if there’s much to be learned from that history. Many predictions about the future of work do lean toward this hybrid model — two or three days in the office, two or three at home. This creates all sorts of coordination and communication and strategic issues to work out. As one software executive recently told the Wall Street Journal, “There’s going to be a bunch of unintended consequences. Why can’t the technology that made working from home possible during the pandemic make it more probable in the future? What we need is a researcher who was thinking about these issues long before anyone ever heard of Covid-19. As of today, roughly 50 percent of U.S. workers are still virtual; a year ago, that number was around 70 percent.

Learning More About Remote Work

He found that when an inventor’s manager visited a company’s U.S. headquarters, the Indian inventors were twice as likely to receive a patent. Choudhury is also working on a study that looks at what happens when co-workers travel to a company retreat in the same car to and from the airport. But what if the whole idea of the “central business district” has begun to permanently erode? Yes, this idea has a long and profitable history, and economists have shown there are huge benefits to density. Indeed, the world has become more and more urban over the past few centuries, as a place to work and live and play. For all the advantages that density offers, the pandemic has shown the downsides too. Also, cities are a habit; and people can sometimes take up new habits.

  • They have the power to turn everyday tasks like commuting to work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and working out into prime opportunities for self-development.
  • Lead the strategy and execution of multiple offline channels including OTT/CTV, podcasts, streaming audio, OOH, and/or direct mail to rapidly expand our scale at efficiency.
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The best thing about this podcast is the length of each episode – just for to five short minutes. This limited episode podcast started in 2018 and lasted through 2019 before stopping. At the time of compiling this post, there are 200 episodes, and yes, they are regularly being produced. Improve the presence of your podcasts, e.g., self-servicepodcaster interview…

In fact, the best ones are full of comedy, such as Star Talk. Go on an educational adventure with Neil deGrasse Tyson and learn some in-depth science about stuff you may take for granted every day. With topics such as physics, astronomy, and the universe in general, comedy and science have never come together quite so eloquently as in Star Talk. Spreadsheets, expense reports, follow-ups—they can all feel like a lot of time spent without much reward.

Execute daily social media posts, including written copy, designs and multimedia, and edit or oversee production… Seeking a social media manager for a position with telecommuting options. Will develop and drive social strategies and initiatives, manage social media presence, monitor and analyze campaigns, and drive engagement. Manage the day-to-day execution of marketing programs and campaigns to ensure they are completed with a high degree of quality, on time, and within budget. Work directly with the content production team on logistics for scheduling podcasts…

  • You’ll hear about people who have created their own home-based business, people who earn passive income, and similar remote working stories.
  • This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership.
  • If you just listen to one episode, I’d recommend Radiate your passion (32 min.), an inspiring interview with Elayna Fernandez who went from a homeless single mom to a successful entrepreneur.
  • Music, especially classical, can have similar effects on the brain.

The host, Pat Flynn, explains how he built his online business to offer him a lifestyle many crave. If you’re a student of life, this is the podcast for you. Oprah invites guests who have something evocative to share about mindfulness, gratitude, and cultivating an appreciation for life.

Especially if you’re newer to working remotely, this podcast dives into some key elements of remote work. It’s especially valuable for team leaders and others trying to stay connected to a group. Even if you’re working highly independently, there are still some nuggets of wisdom here. It’s also just a great reminder of just how many people work remotely and how many of them are thriving. It gives you a sense of solidarity with other remote workers while also sharing practical tips you can incorporate into your own day-to-day life. In each podcast episode, Sondre Rasch, CEO & Co-founder of SafetyWing, interviews remote founders & thought leaders to discover innovative & thought-provoking ways to successfully build a remote company.

There are more than 200 episodes you can listen to and the podcasts are typically about an hour long, so you have a lot to sink your teeth into. In today’s episode, I will be sharing a new work at home job from a company paying $36 per hour plus full-time data entry keyers needed.Apply now for some easy work from home assessor jobs here. The pandemic may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean we’ll return to full-time commuting and packed office buildings. The greatest accidental experiment in the history of labor has lessons to teach us about productivity, flexibility, and even reversing the brain drain. But don’t buy another dozen pairs of sweatpants just yet. As we’ve heard today, there are a variety of moving targets, a variety of unknowable variables, when you think about the future of work. If you are a big believer in technology per se, you may think that lower-skilled workers will also benefit, eventually.

Getting through the at-home workday is so much easier with SYSK. This show aims to provide practical advice for those that work form home, in a distributed team, or lead an organization that has remote employees. Tune in the Remotely Effective podcast for more tips & suggestions on working at home. Even if you don’t want your own home-based business, these episodes are inspiring and get you in that non-traditional working frame of mind. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if civilization collapsed or if Alexander the Great was as bad as Hitler, Hardcore History is for you. This podcast takes a unique and interesting approach to history. Some episodes can get extremely long, and may take up over half your workday.

Remote F/T digital marketing generalist needed to raise awareness about degree programs around the world & develop and promote podcasts and other content. Experience with a variety of cloud-based platforms and project/event/webinar remote work podcasts management skills req. Ever dream about building your own business instead of working for someone else? Download a few episodes of How I Built This, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get inspired to take the next step.

Lead on podcast pitching, identifying podcasts for placing our stories/speakers and working with partners to craft content and talking points. Support coordination across Climate Access and our Support Team meetings and retreats. E.g., manager -director means return search results for the term ‘manager’ but NOT when the term ‘director’ is present.

As more and more people look to leave their W2 to pursue their passions, it’s become critical to find your niche and work it to become a viable stream of income. When your W-2 world changes and you’re told to work from home, or when work sends you home and tells you that you have to use vacation time if you want to get paid, it’s time to figure out how. You can listen to The Conversation Weekly via any of the apps listed above, our RSS feed, or find out how else to listen here. There are many benefits worth mentioning when it comes to working remotely. Since 2018, Dear HBR has answered questions related to boredom and disengagement, job-hopping, coaching, leadership, personal branding, and racial, inclusion, and diversity issues at the workplace. Dear HBR is a podcast produced by the Harvard Business Review editors to solve questions about dealing with complications in contemporary workplaces.

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