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At #RaymondTiahDivision (RTD), we aim to equip our members with the right skill set through THREE LEVELS OF LEARNING.

These levels are separated into the Individual, Division and Agency to address the different needs of every agent to succeed in their careers



Because everyone is unique and learns best in a different setting, each RTD member will be personally coached by our Group District Director on a weekly one-to-one basis to learn exactly how to close leads within 1.5 hours in the first meeting in our Signature LEAP Training Program.



As part of the division, you’ll be gaining more than just our shared knowledge and skills. Through frequent inter-division training and prospecting activities, RTD members are able to exchange experiences with other teams and expand their network of potential co-brokers.



As an agency, PropNex has always emphasized the importance of training. Every year the PropNex PNG Training Roadmap offers free training programs, conducted by Top Producers in their respective expertise, to keep agents updated on the current market conditions.

Personal Training & Support For New Agents

At RTD, we are always on the lookout for individuals who are goal-oriented, determined, have strong perseverance, and of course, ambitious. So, if you’re a new agent who just passed your RES exam and wish to jumpstart your career in this competitive industry, here are 4 REASONS why you should join Raymond Tiah Division:

1. 1-On-1 Coaching Sessions With Raymond Tiah

By joining the largest real estate team in Singapore, new agents can be sure that there will be a mentor to coach them as they started their real estate journey. However, as no two agents are alike, rest assured that I will always set aside my personal time to sit down with you to understand your goals and your current situation, so I can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

2. Classroom Training

Real estate is a competitive industry and, as a new agent, you’re not just competing with other new agents but also with veterans who have years of experience in this industry. By joining us, you will be able to learn how to stand out and equip with the right skills in our classroom training. This includes our Weekly 2-hr Prospecting Training, Low-Cost FB Ads Training, Content Writing Training & more!

3. Dedicated Team Support

At RTD, we always emphasize the culture of sharing, regardless of whether you are a new agent or an experienced agent joining us. Whenever you’re having trouble handling certain situations, you can be sure to ask any one of us and we will surely be there to share with you our expertise or tips to handle such situations. 

4. Strong Guidance & Mentorship During Your First Few Appointments

Meeting your first client can be extremely nerve-wracking and sometimes role-playing is not sufficient to help you close property deals. As your mentor, I will personally follow you throughout your first few appointments to help you build your rapport with your clients and give you some feedback at the end to further improve yourself.

RTD Signature LEAP Training

Get Personally Trained By A Platinum Achiever Agent

The LEAP is a highly effective training program that is strategically catered to agents, who are struggling to close property deals and increase their sales revenue. In this program, each member will have their hands held and patiently guided by the Group District Director on a weekly one-to-one basis.

When I first started growing my team, I realised that most agents were facing problems establishing strong connections with their clients. Many did not know how to value-add or show the benefit of their services in a compelling way, causing them to have low conversion rates or lose out to other competitors who were more eloquent.

This was why I founded the LEAP training program to help agents like you to learn all the soft skills they needed to build sincerity and trust with their prospects. This is because I strongly believe that having a good mindset and strong soft skills are the key to any successful sales career.

During The LEAP Training Program, You'll Be Able To Learn How To:

Our Results

Being a part of Raymond Tiah Division means that you’ll be gaining more than just our shared knowledge and skills. As a renowned trainer in PropNex PNG, I am often specially invited by other division leaders like Shanel Liew, Matthew Lam, Ken Ng, Lynn Gor and more to conduct cross-division training for their teams.

Through frequent inter-division training and prospecting activities like door-knocking and telemarketing, RTD members are able to exchange experiences with other teams and form a wider network of potential co-broke partners.


Annual PNG Training

Over the years, the real estate industry has changed drastically and, as a real estate agent, you’ll have to position yourself and educate your clients with facts and figures to stay relevant in the industry.

That’s why, every year, PropNex PNG plans and organises a new roadmap of training workshops and bootcamps for agents to keep up with the current market conditions. These various training and sharing sessions are meant to give all agents the basic skills required to run their property business as well as share the experiences of top producers to help them improve their business model.